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  1. Open ID Login URL? - Not clear on website

    I was exploring the features and benefits of the "Intense Debate" plugin for Wordpress, and was prompted to sign into Open ID by providing my Open ID URL.

    I have a Google Account, but have never been directly asked for my Open ID account. This lead me to the Open ID website, at which point I thought the information would be clearly indicated on the "Get an Open ID" or "start using your Open ID" page. Instead, it was a bunch irrelevant information about how I already have an account, with links to useless links like Google and Yahoo's landing…

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    This is a fair criticism and something that we want to address as we continue to make improvements to our newly relaunched website. It has a long way to go still, and this kind of feedback is very helpful in directing our attention. Thanks — and sorry to hear about your frustration.

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