My idea is ...

Combination of IDs.

Before I heard about OpenID, I allready had multiple IDs for sites:
yahoo - mail and fantasy sports
google -- android, mail, blogger
Trillian (includes AIM, GTalk, YMessenger)
Hotmail (Live Games, MSN Msg, Email)
Exchange Email
and so on.
I like the concept of the open ID, but what happens when over time, I already have amassed the ids for the sites. It really doesn't help because now, when I click on make OpenID, I get a different url from each site., and so on.
The concept of an openid is good if your a teenager making your first online identity, but for established people who have used various log ins for years, it seems poor.
I understand that I can now pick one of my major logins (google, yahoo, facebook, hotmail, etc) and use that OpenID on smaller sites (engadget, others) but I would really like a form of combination that would allow everything to just work.

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  • AdminChris Messina (Admin, OpenID) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While the idea of consolidating your accounts is desirable, putting it into practice is much harder in reality.

    Over time, if more sites adopt OpenID, then you should be able to associate your preferred OpenID with these existing accounts and use them somewhat interchangeably — but that's a long way off given the direction of the industry.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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