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OpenRep - Open Reputation System

This would be an open and distributed reputation management system that keeps track of a user's reputation throughout the many websites that make up the world wide web.

OpenID provided us with an open and distributed authentication system, but this is where it stops.
I believe that OpenRep is the missing layer between this and the many other 'Social Web' platforms that exist out there (blogs, social networks, e-retailers such as Amazon and Ebay).

When a user posts a blog, comments on another user's blog, reviews a product or service, attempts to sell an item on Ebay, tries to purchase an item on Ebay, Requests to add a friend on Facebook, or performs many of the other 'social' interactions available on the WWW, their reputation has the potential to play a role in how others perceive that interaction and how much of a 'weight' it may carry.

We therefore need a means of tracking this reputation between websites.

Data (ratings, comments and the 'semantic categories' to which they relate) would be collected against each user profile, as they currently are to some extent on existing websites like Amazon and Ebay.

This data would be synchronized with that user's OpenRep account (which would be linked to their OpenID account and referenced also by URI). This data would then become available to the other websites that they login to with their OpenID login.

OpenRep servers would be Open-source and anyone would be able to establish an OpenRep provider. The 'industry' of providers would be self-regulated in that the servers would provide a means for that Provider to link to and rate all the other's reputations, with the combination of these ratings also being stored on each server.

This would keep out 'pirate' OpenRep servers as the 'savvy' user would verify the 'OpenRep' of someone's blog via an alternate OpenRep provider, and this would happen automatically with websites that provide OpenRep to their users.

For anyone who's interested I wrote about something similar to this in my blog after reading an article in Scientific American on "Science 2.0":

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  • Roberto Vis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am running a company, whose sole goal is to help Collaborative Consumption companies evolve, by providing them with a unified reputation management system. In time we will be gathering lots of data about user's reputation. In the future I envision companies like mine feeding reputation data to some sort of OpenRep opensource system, which in turn would make this a much much better world!

    I have been and will continue to study building of reputation online, so if some of you decide to start with this "project", I will be happy to help, just let me know..

  • Ellie K commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No. That "OpenRep" idea is behavioral surveillance taken to a level far more extreme than the most intrusive tracking cookies.

    Also it would be very difficult to implement (and enforce...) without other extreme measures that are detrimental to an individual's right to privacy.

    Heed the comment from 8 months ago by @Roelof: OpenID is intended as a means of login authentication to confirm account identity. Its scope does not extend beyond that.

  • justin.dancinghawk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    OK!. . . but I still want to play "button, button. . . . . WHO'S got the button!! " LOL!
    Sorry if I seem sarcastic, it's just my sense of humor!. . . wrapped in a thick blanket of sincere honesty! I read about 4-6 words of that techno babble & I'm seriously lost ! Just "k.i.s.s." ! I think I don't need to explain that ! ;-D

  • justin.dancinghawk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This sounds like a superb idea to me! It would reward the *good* folks & we'd all be like Santa Claus! ( I do not mean that sarcastically, in a nasty sense !) We'd know who's being Naugthy & who's being nice ! I think it would strongly encourage folks to "play nice , or stay home !" ! I'm not interested in sharing my "toys" , or any other part of my life - for that matter, with some jerk with a knot in his tail & a Bull Chip on their shoulder ! I'd have voted @ least 8 of my 10 votes for this, but I'd already used some when I came across it! :-D Beyond this - just give me a *button* I can click on to get the job done! I understand *buttons* !! L.O.L. !! Sincerely, your friendly local neighborhood Techno - Dinosaur !

  • Roelof commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sounds good but it's a whole different system. OpenID is just to authenticate and make the logging in a lot easier not having to remember a lot of different password but thats indeed were it stops, as it is ment to be.

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