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    This is a fair criticism and something that we want to address as we continue to make improvements to our newly relaunched website. It has a long way to go still, and this kind of feedback is very helpful in directing our attention. Thanks — and sorry to hear about your frustration.

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    Thank you for the answers Chris

    >This is a fair criticism. The confusion may be that there "OpenID the brand and foundation", and "OpenID the technology".

    >It's unlikely that we'll rename these things now, but we do need to do more to distinguish them.

    Your choice of course but I think it would go along way to avoiding some of the confusion and assisting in the promulgation of the concept and technology. It certainly kept me from understanding and using the capability for over a year as I created an openid account but found it just one more asset to be managed. If your goal is to suppliant all other IDs, this seems reasonable as it seems sumewhat intuative that if you us an OpenID then you should be using myopenid. That is the leap of logic my brain made. I can think of a couple of other arguments for morphing the myopenid lable but suspect by now you already know the pros and cons.
    Good luck with the program.

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    michaelmonical commented  · 

    I have similar comments as the original poster. It is bizarre how inadequate the instructions are for even advance computer users much less neophytes.

    You say I have an OpenID; what is it, my Google, Yahoo or eBlogger account? All of the above? What information is in? Who gave OpenID permission to create an account for me? Who gave any of the above entities permission to share my information with OpenID?

    I believe I am beginning to understand based on my attempt to "login" to this site to leave a comment, this was helpful but the above concerns still apply.

    If I am correct, I do not have an "OpenID" ACCOUNT, what I have is several IDs, (Google, Yahoo, and eBlogger) identified as PARTICIPANTS in the open ID effort, which allows THIER credentials (Google, et al) to be used to log into 3rd party sites. THIS IS NOT A UNIQUE OPENID IDENTITY. I am not sure this is correct and it certainly not clear from this website.

    If the above is correct then my first recommendation is to separate the function (OpenID)from the OpenID account; your.name.myopeniid. Make the account something like "UniID" and leave the term OpenID strictly for the function. I think the identical terminology is very confusing as everyone is accustom to user accounts.

    The second recommendation, continuing to assume I have guessed correctly, is to emphasize that until a user creates a unique (and very useful) "UniID" that no information is known to OpenID foundation or any other affiliates until the user himself shares that information (means or necessity of doing so currently unknown to me).

    Third recommendation – clarify the difference between a user account, a userid, and the passwords for all OpenID participants.

    Forth recommendation - put an interactive tutorial online to walk you through the steps, the written instruction are pretty bad.

    QUESTION: Is my actual username (from whatever OpenID account used) actually shared with the logged into site? For example if I use my Google ID (my.name@comcast.net) to log onto OpenID website: StealYourIdentity.com, does the website get the actual Google ID or just the fact it is a legitimate OpenID login?

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